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How It Works

Fact is, most Chiropractic marketing does not work. You probably don't enjoy doing it either. People and industries change over time. The tools need to change as well. When you used to get gas for your car you were forced to go inside. Now you pay at the pump. Typewriters were the standard for a long time. Does your office have a computer or a typewriter now? How often do you use a payphone these days compared with your cell phone? Chiropractic marketing and patient retention has been using the "typewriter" for too long. Walls charts, pamphlets, and vertebral models have run their course. Your patients need to understand their condition and have confidence in you as the doctor to proceed with the long-term care they need. They need to be effectively educated. You need Chiroglyphix.

Wall Charts - Old Way

Pamphlets - Old Way

Vertebral Models - Old Way

Subluxation Before & After - New Chiroglyphix Way

Use Chiroglyphix in any number of ways:
  • New patient marketing (health fairs, malls, community events, etc)
  • Demonstrating conditions to patients in your office
  • Pause the animation and draw directly on them for extra emphasis
  • Creating custom "playlists" to play a series of animations in a row
  • Create a waiting room "movie" with animations, text, and your logo
  • Print any paused animation for patients to take home
  • Use images from Chiroglyphix for patient newsletters
Use Chiroglyphix with a variety of equipment:
  • Desktop PC & Mouse
  • Notebook Computer
  • Tablet PC
  • Pen Tablets
  • Electronic Drawing Boards
  • Flat Screen TV's


Pen Tablet

Tablet PC